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Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind, contains no errors, is completely reliable and trains us in how we should live. - 2 Timothy 3:16-17


We believe that the universe and everything in it including humans are created by God, in His own image, on purpose, with purpose and for a purpose.  Genesis 1:26-27 


We believe that all humans have made mistakes (the Bible calls this “sin”) and those mistakes have caused a separation between us and God. - Romans 3:23


We believe God loves humankind so much that He made a way for us to overcome the separation our mistakes have caused. - Romans 5:8


We believe that while God loves us and made a way for us to come back to Him, God will not force Himself on us.  We must choose to return to Him. - Matthew 11:28-30


We believe surrendering to Jesus is the only way God has provided for us to overcome our separation from Him. - John 14:6


We believe after surrendering to Jesus, we are to submit to baptism, and grow in our relationship with Jesus by following His example and teaching, and through the gift of God’s Holy Spirit living in us. - Acts 2:38-39


We believe ALL people are invited and will be welcomed into a relationship with Jesus. - Revelation 22:17


We believe ALL people that have surrendered to Jesus are called to tell others about Jesus. - Matthew 28:18-20


We believe that ALL people that have surrendered to Jesus are to serve and play a role using their God given abilities. - Romans 12:3-8 

  January 2022  
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